Thursday, June 4, 2009


Due to my laziness not much filming has been done lately, however alot of analytical research has been going down at the brycegage.blogspot headquarters. I was recently sniffing through some skate flicks and came across one that had a rad intro that I had witnessed quite a while ago but forgotten about. The people behind the scenes at skate empire 'Lakai' must have had their minions working over-time when making their movie 'Fully Flared' to have produced an idea such as this, amazing slow-mo footage and creativity for days.
Check it...

Monday, June 1, 2009

1 8 M I N S. WITH M Y S E L F

1.Name / Age / Location
Bryce Gage / 18 / South Coast NSW

Water, it feels alot more creative rather than just sitting on the rocks. I'm pretty bad at it though, hopefuly I get my act together before these winter swells begin to kick in.

3.Current Equipment
Sony HDR-FX7e, Libec tripod, Phil Thurston Water Housing, Sony 2GB Memory Stick Pro Duo, Sony NP-F970 Battery and a couple of other little bits and pieces.

4.Favourite set-up รข€“ both have and wish for
I'd really like wide-angle and fisheye lenses for my current camera as well as a more compact tripod. A Sony PMW-EX1 XDCAM is also on the wish list, it's costly but still within reach.

5.Fave editing program
I use Adobe Premiere Pro 2, I have CS3 and CS4 but they are really no different in their editing approach, just more colourful, new-age layouts. I am now learning the in's and out's of Adobe After Effects too so I can incorperate rad animated titles and other cool stuff.

6.When did u start shooting
Late Oh-Eight, I got my camera for the Christmas of 07 but never really was dedicated enough to use it, however my passion has escelated since then and now I'm keener than ever.

7.Why did you start shooting
I have always been really psyched on bodyboard videos and the way people, to some extent, worship them. I got into the bodyboard scene around the same time as Tension 7 which blew my mind as far as heavy barrels and big airs are concerned, plus after seeing the cyclops section I knew I'd never tackle anything that big so why not capture the madness.

8.Any hectic moments?
Not really yet, I did get sucked over shooting water at supers (or Tama Reef for all you blow-ins) the other week and luckily managed to claw my way under the remaining sets without getting too whooped.

9.Fave break to shoot
Nuggan always provides some massive airs but it is way too common in movies, same with blackrock. So I guess I'd have to say shooting water at Supers or Two's, they both make for some real heavy slabs.

10.Fave riders to shoot
I really like shooting with Jase Finlay, pretty much everytime you see Jase take off you know you're going to get some decent footage, he is super consistant, same with Beeps.

11.Fave boog movie
Video or Pistache

12.Fave trick to shoot
Big air reverses from land and spins in the pit from water.

13.Fave footage ever - yours
I haven't really gotten anything amazing yet but I am pretty fond of an air reverse Ben Player did out Nugs the other day.

14.Fave footage ever - other filmer
Either the intro wave to The Ben Player Project (that air reverse is filmed so well) or some of Bryce Thurston's cool cinematic lifestyle shots.

15.Who inspires you film wise
A french dude called Sebastian Abes films skateboarding and gets some real cool angles and colours, he is a big inspiration as well as MackDawg productions ("Picture This" in particular) and of course Todd Barnes.

16.What delineates your video as individual to you
So far there isn't much of my own artistic flair accompanying my filming, keep your eyes peeled and your ears to the ground though, big thing are coming, weird things.

17.Wishlist breaks to film
The South Oz Left
Eddies from water
and many more...

18.Wishlist riders to film
Heaps more Thomas and Ben would be sick, also more Katesy and Joe.

19.Places that inspire you artistically
France and New York are the only two that come to mind.

20.What music do you play when you are editing
The song I'm editing to

21.Sources of Artistic inspiration?
Again Sebastian Abes and Todd Barnes.
22.Fave soundtrack style
Needs to be variety, I like to hear stuff I havent heard before.

23.Fave up and comer rider and why
All the groms from around my area have so much potential and tear as hard as the next rippo but I doubt they are up and coming due to lack of exposure.

24.Tips to riders you are going to film?
No tips, just surf.

C O R P S E v s P I P E

This video from Cameron Danzey is friggen sick. It stars the new Fourplay Recruit, Thomas Robinson and was filmed in only two days at a well known south coast hotspot. The editing is tight and colours are amazing, plus
The Whitest Boy Alive is the bees dick when it comes to Indie music.


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